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A comprehensive guide to the most famous and not so famous gamblers in history.
Famous Gamblers

Gamblers Reviewed

Fyodor Dostoevsky
John Montagu 4th Earl of Sandwich
Chevalier de Mere
Archie Karas
Riley Grannan

Gamblers in TV and in Movies Reviewed

Brady Hawkes
Sam Ace Rothstein
Sky Masterson
The Cincinnati Kid
Jim Smiley
The Deer Hunter
James Bond NEW

Gamblers in History A - Z

William Lee Bergstrom
Sean Connery
Nick "The Greek" Dandalos
Larry Flint
Henry VIII, King of England
Howard Hughes
"Shoeless" Joe Jackson
Joseph Jaggers
Nikita Khrushchev
Brian Molony
Claude Monet
J P Morgan
Kerry Packer
"Puggy" Pearson
Arnold Rothstein
Huck Seed
Amarillo Slim
George Soros
Howard Stern
Bob Stupak
Titanic Thompson
Stu Ungar
Charles Deville Wells
John Aspinall
Al Alvarez
Matt Damon
Edward Norton
Ben Affleck NEW
Barny Boatman NEW
Giovanni Jacopo Casanova NEW
Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo NEW
Clonie Gowen NEW
Jennifer Harman NEW
Wild Bill Hickok NEW
Jesse James NEW
Joshua Malina NEW
Bat Masterson NEW
Mimi Rogers NEW
Omar Sharif NEW

Famous Bets

World Pumpkin Federation
Biggest Gamblers
Liechtenstein Lottery
Biggest return on a Horse Bet
Most bets on Horses
Largest bet on Superbowl

Not So famous Gamblers

Larry and Nancy Ross
Evelyn Marie Adams
Cindy Jay
Mark Jacob

Gamblers/Gambles in History

    Welcome to the most comprehensive guide to everything to do with famous gambles and gamblers in history. Whether it be TV and Movie gamblers, reviews on gamblers, not so famous gamblers, famous bets in history, A- Z of all famous gamblers.

    Online Gambling is the fastest growing and most profitable industry in the world.

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    If names like Nick the Greek, Sky Masterson, the Cincinnati Kid, and Stanford Wong don't mean anything to you, then you are most definitely not up on the history of gambling and famous gamblers. If you like to gamble online, you should try reading up on the legends of the field; it makes for fascinating reading and it's actually downright inspirational. So I highly recommend that you take your nose out of the online slot machines for just a few minutes and take a look at the people who excelled at the sport of gambling, some of whom, to this day, are still making the really big bucks.

    The Blackjack Hall of Fame is a great place to start looking for some of the recent gambling heroes; you're not going to believe how great those guys are. A quick read through the Who's Who of gambling will show you that gambling goes back hundreds of years; it's hard to believe how far the gambling industry has come from the1700s in Europe to the ultra-modern online video poker casinos. Along the way, fact and fiction have melted together to create some of the all-time great legends whose names will live on forever.

    Internet gambling is great stuff; it makes it possible for millions of people to gamble, people who may never have gotten to see the inside of a casino otherwise. It enables gamblers who could never afford a trip to Las Vegas, Atlantic City or the Riviera to play roulette for real money, something they probably only fantasized about in the past. But while you play on the Internet, it's also fun to look back, way back, to the days before all the modern comforts, to the days when all a gambler needed was a deck of cards or a pair of dice and the nerves of steel that separated the merely good from the great. The gambling forefathers make for really good reading.

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